PowerPoint 2016, continued

Lecture Exercise: Assignment #7

Outline (Brief)

Files used in the following discussion:

PowerPoint - Presentation Software

Note: The demonstrations that follow are similar to those from Bird for PowerPoint 2003.

Outline (Detailed)

Final Exam

Material to be covered:

Lectures:  1-1 through 14-2 (more heavily weighted on material not yet tested).

Lecture Assignments:  1-13 (#13 was not to be turned in but the instructions are 'out there')

Scantron (provided)

Bring #2 pencils and a current TxState ID to the Exam.

Note: You will be required to show a photo ID at the end of the Final Exam.  Those without will be given an "I" until such is provided.

Lesson I. Inserting and Editing a Picture/ClipArt

  • Add the following image to the title slide

    Online Picture Choices

Finished Example: QualityComputerTraining_Graphics.pptx . (Picture on slides 2-7 added in Slide Master View.)

Lesson II. Adding Custom Animation to a Picture

Lesson III. Inserting and Editing a Table

Finished Example: QualityComputerTraining_Tables.pptx . (Slide 9)

Lesson IV. Adding Custom Animation to a Table

Finished Example: QualityComputerTraining_AnimatedTable.pptx (Slide 9)

Lesson V. Inserting and Editing a Chart


Lesson VI. Adding Custom Animation to a Chart

Finished Example: Inserting-Editing-AnimatedChart.pptx. (Slide 2)

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