ECL-BH v4.4

ECL-BH simulates the gravitational forces in a star cluster using the Barnes-Hut n-body algorithm. Version 4.4 includes support for Volta, bug fixes, and performance enhancements relative to the version in the LonestarGPU suite. Depending on the GPU and problem size used, it is up to 2.7 times faster.

Click on to download the source code. Click on one of the links below for a description of ECL-BH. Note that ECL-BH is protected by this license and that by downloading ECL-BH you agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this license.

The source code can be compiled as follows (note the -O1 to avoid a compiler problem):

nvcc -O1 -arch=sm_35 -use_fast_math -o ecl-bh

To run the simulation with 100000 stars for 10 time steps on GPU 0, enter:

./ecl-bh 100000 10 0


M. Burtscher and K. Pingali. "An Efficient CUDA Implementation of the Tree-based Barnes Hut n-Body Algorithm". Chapter 6 in GPU Computing Gems Emerald Edition, pp. 75-92. January 2011. [pdf] [pptx] [video]

This work has been supported in part by the National Science Foundation under grants 1141022 and 1406304 as well as by equipment donations from Nvidia Corporation.

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