Department of Computer Science Seminars

Modeling and Solving Jobshop Scheduling Problems using ASPPS by Deborah East

The first department seminar will begin tomorrow (February 27th) at 12:30pm. Dr Deborah East will be presenting her work on ASPPS. The abstract for the talk is attached at the end of this message. To mark the first Spring Semester seminar series, Dr Ali has kindly offered to pay for a one time departmental pizza lunch tomorrow from 12:00pm-12:30pm. I will send a student helper to take the lunch head count around 10:45am. If you won't be at your office at that time, but still intend to come for the lunch and the seminar, please send me an email and I will include your share.


: The jobshop scheduling problem we consider consists of a set of jobs J, a set of machines M and a set of tasks task(j,m,t) where j is in the set J, m is in the set M and t is the period of time to process j on machine m. We will look at the case where the tasks have an ordering order(j,m_i,m_k) with the meaning that job j must be processed on machine m_i before it is processed on machine m_k. The goal is to minimizes the total time for completing all tasks.
Constraints: 1) Each job must be processed by all machines specified in the set of tasks. 2) Each machine may run only one job at a time. 3) The task for a job on a machine must be processed for the given time (we look at the case where all process times are the same and the general case where they are different). 4) The ordering for a job to process on specific machines must be maintained (a complete ordering need not be given). I will present methodology for modeling and solving jobshop scheduling problems