Department of Computer Science Seminars

Realizing seamless observation, orientation, decision and action with agile technologies

Speaker: Dr Dimitrios Geogakopoulos

Time: 12:30pm-1:30pm, December 7th, 2007

Location: Nueces 201 Conference Room


The majority of today's software systems and organizational/business
structures have been built on the foundation of solving problems via
long term data collection, analysis, and systematic planning of
solutions. However, this traditional approach of solving problems and
building corresponding software and business processes falls short in
providing the necessary solutions needed to deal with many modern
problems that require agility as the main ingredient of any solution.
For example, such agility is needed in responding to an emergency,
military command control, physical security, price-based competition in
business and investment in the stock market, competing in video games,
developing autonomous robotic vehicles, network monitoring and
self-healing, diagnosis in emergency health care, and many other areas
that are too numerous to list here. The concept of Observe, Orient, and
Decide, and Act (OODA) loops is being viewed by the defense and business
establishment as a guiding principal to provide solutions for many of
these problem areas. However, there are currently few software systems
that are being built to support OODA principles. In this talk we provide
a tour in the state of the art of software systems that are
specifically  deigned to support OODA, and identify open research
problems that need to be solved to develop software system that are both
OODA-based and they are reusable. We discuss examples of OODA system
that have been developed by Telcordia and provide video demonstrations
from the domains of video surveillance and emergency response.