Department of Computer Science Seminar

Title: Advance resource allocation in optical networks

Speaker: Dr Jawad Drissi

Time: 12:30pm-1:30pm, October 28th 2005

Location: Neuces Conference Room


In inter-connected optical networks, users submit lightpath requests at 
the time they wish to establish the lightpath. The service provider consults 
the information gathered by the inter-domain routing protocols for available 
resources. For each request, the network must decide immediately whether 
to accept or reject the request. In this model, there is always the 
uncertainty of whether the user will be able to establish the desired 
lightpath at the desired time or not. Furthermore, in the context of a 
number of applications, e.g., Grid applications, users need to setup 
lightpaths in advance to perform their activities that are planned in 
advance. We propose a new inter-domain routing protocol called Advance 
Optical Routing Border Gateway Protocol (AORBGP) and a scheme that allows 
the setup of inter-domain lightpaths in advance. The scheme provides the 
user with alternatives, carefully selected, when his/her request cannot 
be accommodated because of resources shortage.