Department of Computer Science Seminars

LCMRMG Routing for Mobile ad hoc Networks by Dr Peng

This is a reminder regarding the second departmental seminar given by Dr Peng at 12:30pm on April 2nd. I will bring a brown bag lunch (vegetarian chinese noodle) sufficient to share with 6 people. The lunch will be served at 12:00 pm. The abstract for Dr Peng's talk is enclosed for your reference.


We present a locality caching multi-root multi-generation (LCMRMG) routing algorithm for mobile ad hoc networks (MANET). The LCMRMG algorithm extends and significantly enhances a previously proposed single-root MANET routing algorithm. Hosts in a LCMRMG MANET cache the locality of network traffic routing through them. Based on the cached locality statistics, a host can calculate the estimated reduction of network traffic if it becomes a new root router and can elect to do so if the reduction exceeds a predefined threshold value.