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Week 1   (Posted by Anne Ngu, July 10, 2021)
Welcome to CS7300 Course Site. I look forward to meeting everyone and please come prepared with an elevator speech of yourself for the first class (on August 26).

We will be going over the program requirement and listen to four PhD journeys from faculty and researchers:

  • Dr. Tanzima Islam
  • Dr. Apan Qasem
  • Dr. Sudhanva Gurumurthi
  • Dr. Alexandre Ferreira

It is useful to go through the self-paced new graduate orientation materials prepared by the Graduate College. You can find the NGO Link

Week 2   (Posted by Anne Ngu, August 29, 2022)
We will be covering doctoral research, research processes, advisor management, time management and research ethics this coming week.

Dr.Qasem will give his PhD journey towards the end of class.

Please remember to start creating your personal webpage, the first in class HW. You can host your pages under your unix's account in your public_html directory. I need an url that looks something like: netid

Week 3   (Posted by Anne Ngu, September 7, 2021)
The following three faculty will be presenting their research. As indicated in the schedule, you need to take note and reflect on each presentation. Please download the file form.pdf under modules in Canvas for that purpose.
  • Dr. Heena Rathore (in-person)
  • Dr. Dan Tamir (in-person)
  • Dr. Oleg Komogorsev (Remote)
  • Dr. Mylene Farisa (Remote, recorded)

There are two faculty presenting in person. I am allowing students to choose between in-person or remote for this week. However, I hope students who stay in San Marcos will attend in person. The usual coffee/tea and snack will be served. It is nice to show up in person in appreciation of faculty who volunteered their time for this event.

Dr. Farias will record her presentation. If she could send me her vido on time, We will use that last slot to catch up with what is left from last week.

Don't forget to complete your personal webpage for your PhD journey and send me the link. You can host your page under public_html directory in your linux account. You can use Keshav Bandari's example (2018 cohort) on the PhD website.

Week 4   (Posted by Anne Ngu, September 12, 2022)
The following four faculty will be presenting their research for this week.
  • Dr. Ziliang Zong (remote)
  • Dr. Apan Qasem
  • Dr. Vangelis Metsis (in-person)
  • Dr. Lu Wang (in-person)

Hope you take good notes on last week's presentation and continue to do so for this week.

Some master level students will join the class this week. I hope you all can join me in person. I cannot garantee the voice quality for online audience.

Week 5   (Posted by Anne Ngu, September 19, 2022)
This Friday will be the last faculty presentation session. The four faculty who will present will be:
  • Dr. Kecheng Yang (in-person)
  • Dr. Chul-ho Lee (in-person)
  • Dr. Tanzima Islam (Remote)
  • Dr. Tao Hou (in-person)

Since majority of the presentation are in person, I appreciate in person attendance to give respect to faculty who are presenting.

You should start serious discussion with faculty you are interested to work with on rotation project now.

Email me the title of your rotation project and your project mentor before the start of the next class (i.e. October 1, 10:00 am)

Your rotation project can involve more than one mentors. In particular if the topic involves two complementary areas of research.

Week 6   (Posted by Anne Ngu, September 27, 2022)
We will be covering systematic literature documentation, Graduate College resources, research ethnics and how to critically review a research paper this Friday. This is an in-person class.

Please install the endnote software on your laptop by following this link:

The EndNote Web version is here:

Week 7   (Posted by Anne Ngu, October 2, 2022)
This will be an asynchronous online class.

You will need to finish the online library module and complete the quiz by Oct 9, 12 midnight.

Both your paper review and literature collection HWs are due on Oct 21.

Don't forget to email me your rotation project details (at least title and mentor) if you have not done so. Please beware that you only have a total of six weeks to complete your rotation project and present your poster in a public event.

Week 8   (Posted by Anne Ngu, October 8, 2022)
We will be covering communicating your research (oral presentation, poster presentation, paper writing) this Friday.

This is an in-person only class.

Your paper critique and the literature collection HWs are due on Oct 21 at midnight.

Week 9   (Posted by Anne Ngu, October 16, 2022)
This is a combined class with CS5300/CS7309 and will meet in the afternoon after the Meet and Greet event with Dr. Gurumurthi and Dr. Hernandez.

For cs7300, attending the It Security class in the afternoon is optional. But the Meet and Greet event is mandatory. Please come to attend the Distingushed Alumni presentation at 11 am, have the free lunch and attend the Meet and Greet event.

Remember to show me your endNote collection during lunch time. I will be around.

Week 10   (Posted by Anne Ngu, October 22, 2022)
For those of you who have not yet showed me your literature documentation, please do upload a screen shot of your literarture documentation for me to check off that task.

We won't meet this week. You will use class time to complete the CITI online training on Responsible Conduct of Research. You need to upload the completion certificate to Canvas.

The instruction on how to logon to the CITI website is listed under the class schedule page on the class website.

At the completion of the course, they will send you a certificate and please upload that certificat to Canvas under the CITI assignment link.

Beware that half of you in the class will have to present the progress of your Rotation Project on Nov 4th. The other half will present on Nov 11. The presentation will assess your communication skill, project motivation, methodology for achieviing the project goal, some initiate results if you have some. It will be a 20 mins + 5 mins question time.

Week 11   (Posted by Anne Ngu, November 1, 2022)
Half of You will be giving a 20 +5 mins presentation regarding the progress of your rotation project this coming Friday. The presenttaion will be asessed by faculty and peer. I will email the rubric for grading the presentation.

Please finish your presentation on time. You should not have more than 20 slides.

Week 13   (Posted by Anne Ngu, November 14, 2022)
This week is a combined class with CS5300/CS7309 which will take place in the afternoon at 1:45 pm. The CS computer system staff will present the computing facilities available for conducting your research in Computer Science Department. This is an in-person class option only and will take place in Derrick MCS 590 room.

This class is optional for CS7300 student.

Looking ahead, the poster presentation is on Dec 2. Dr Shanker from Facebook will meet virtually with the class at 10 am on Dec 2 in Rm 212. You can put up your poster from 11 am to 12 noon. Lunch will be provided at 12 noon in Rm 212. The poster presentation will start at 12:45 pm and finish by 2:15 pm.

Remember to email Karen your poster by Nov. 29 if you want her to print it for you.

Week 14   (Posted by Anne Ngu, November 27, 2022)
We will be having the Rotation Project Poster session on Friday, December 2.

Remember to email your poster to Karen by 11 am on Nov 29 if you want it to be printed by the department.

We will start the day with the Meet and Greet session with Dr. Shanker from Meta at 10 am. This is followed by setting up of your poster at the lobby, lunch at 12 noon, and Poster Presentation at 1 pm. Please prepare an elevator speech for your Poster Presentation.