Muhieddine Shebaro

Third Year Student at Texas State University


Well-versed in multiple programming languages including Java, C++, Python, and MySQL. Self-driven and motivated. Seeking to leverage technical skills and education to do research, broaden horizons, explore multiple avenues, and seek solutions to world problems.

Technical Skills

• Software: Visual Studio, Eclipse, Atom, NetBeans, Jupyter Notebook
• Database: MySQL, Firebase
• Application Development: Java, Python, PHP, HTML5, CSS, XML, C++

Research Projects & Publications

• Participated in MediaEval 2021 Benchmark: Fake News - Coronavirus and 5G Conspiracy: Classifying tweets as “Promoting Conspiracy” or “Non-Conspiracy”. Shebaro, M., Oliver, J., Olarewaju, T., & Tesic, J. (2021). Enhancing Tweet Content Classification with Adapted Language Models.

• Submitted a Paper to WSDM related to Frustration Index and Cloud (Awaiting response).

• Submitted a Paper to SIGMOD related to finding maximum balanced subgraph (Awaiting response).

• Submitted a Paper to SPRINGER related to Twitter Analysis (Awaiting Response).

• Presented at ACM PhD. Symposium and Sunbelt 2023 - "Identifying Stable States for Large Signed Graphs". Tesic, J., & Shebaro, M. (2023). On Discovering Consensus States in Large Signed Graphs. Shebaro, M., & Tesic, J. (2023). Identifying Stable States of Large Signed Graphs. ACM.

• Received a Research Excellence Award 2023 from the Department of Computer Science @ Texas State University

Languages & Hobbies

  • Arabic (Native)
  • Video Games
  • English (Fluent)
  • Music
  • French (Elementary Knowledge)
  • Reading


Department of Computer Science - TXST

Doctoral Instructional Assistant


Computer Systems Fundamentals (2021-2023): Responsible for grading assignments, holding office hours, helping undergraduate students through tutoring and guiding. Recommender Systems (2023-Current): TBD

Department of Housing And Residential Life - TXST

Conference Assistant

Summer 2023

Assisting event groups with Check in/out. Being on call to support event groups. Supporting professional staff as needed.

Data Lab - TXST

Research Assistant


Advisor: Dr. Jelena Tešić. Member in the DataLab@TXST.


Texas State University - San Marcos, US (Current)

PhD in Computer Science — 4.0 CGPA

Beirut Arab University - Beirut, Lebanon

BS. in Computer Science — 3.96 GPA

High School Diploma Baccalaureate - Life Sciences — 16.12

Ikhaa National School - Beirut, Lebanon

Well done is better than well said. - Benjamin Franklin

Muhieddine Shebaro —