How to hack sensor nodes

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Tools The demos can work ONLY if complied in MICA2 sensors with the provided tools and TinyOS 2.0.2. The tools are modified avrgcc and avrlibc for research purpose. The tools should replace avrgcc and avrlibc in TinyOS 2.0.2 for the two demos.
Demo1 Technical report 1
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How to secure sensor applications

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Protection tools This software takes an unprotected image to be flashed onto a MICA2 wireless sensor, and inserts protection code to achieve the defense goals. Two versions of self-heal are provided in this software: a memory based and a register based. The memory based version makes use of memory writes, while the register based version attempts to keep most of the action in the registers. This program was only tested for images generated with the tools provided above. More information can be found in the demos and the technical reports provided below.
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How to diversify sensor code

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Demo5 This demo shows how a sensor's code layout can be diversified. This demo is a proof of concept and was tested with TinyOS 2.1 and Micaz. More information can be found in the
Technical report 5