Course Syllabus

Course Name: Object Oriented Design and Implementation 
Course Number: CS 3354
Building & Room: DERR 240

Meeting times: Tuesday and Thursday 9:30am to 10:50am

Instructor's Name: Rodion Podorozhny
Office Location: Rm 307E, Comal 
Office Phone: (512) 245-8472
Email address:
Web address:

Office Hours:TBA

Office Location: Lab Rm 303, Comal 

Suggested Textbooks:  

"Object Oriented Technology" by Curtis Tsang et al., ISBN 007-124046-2

"Java Foundations. Introduction to Program Design and Data Structures " by John Lewis, Peter DePasquale, Joseph Chase, 2nd edition, 2011, ISBN 0-13-212881-0, Pearson Education

"Thinking in Java" by Bruce Eckel, 4th edition, 2006, ISBN 0-13-187248-6, Pearson Education

"A Programmer's Guide to Java Certification" by Khalid Mughal and Rolf Rasmussen, 2nd edition, 2006, ISBN 0-201-72828-1, Addison-Wesley

"Unit testing in Java" by Johannes Link, 2003 (English translation by Elsevier Sciences), ISBN 1-55860-868-0, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers 

"Concurrency: State Models and Java programming" by Jeff Magee and Jeff Kramer, 2nd edition, 2006, ISBN-10 0-470-09355-2, John Wiley & Sons

"Java concurrency in practice" by Brian Goetz, 2006, ISBN 0-321-34960-1, Addison-Wesley

Course Description:  

Prerequisites: Grade of C or better in CS 3398

Outline and lecture

Midterm overview

Final overview


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Attendance Policy: Much of the material for this course will be covered ONLY in lecture, not in the textbook. For that reason, class attendance is essential to success. If you have to miss class for any reason, you will still be responsible for material covered in your absence.

IMPORTANT: Check the Texas State Web Site for class drop information!!!

A : 90 - 100
B : 80 - 89
C : 70 - 79
D : 60 - 69
F : below 60

Grade Components:  

Homework 1, 2        10%, 30%

Midterm                   30%

Final Exam               30%