Reading material referenced:

The course textbook "Programming game AI by example", course notes,

For the midterm exam the students should be able to:

- Explain the Sense Think Act loop based on the code reviewed

- Know the structure and behavior of a state-driven (FSM) agent design (UML at p. 77)

- Know the structure and behavior of moving agents design (UML at p. 89), be able to provide pseudo-code for simple steering behaviors (e.g. "seek"), explain how the force vectors computed by steering behaviors are used at each iteration of the game loop to update the bots

- Know the structure and behavior of the Raven game (UML at p. 297) and provide pseudo-code for its game loop.

- Know the structure and important implementation parts of the goal driven reasoning in the Raven game (ch. 9, UML at pp. 385, 398)

- Explain the fuzzy logic approach based on ch 10 [1] of the textbook (UML at p. 447 and 449), understand the example of application of fuzzy logic to the weapon selection implementation

- Be able to compare AI techniques such as FSMs, goal driven reasoning, fuzzy logic based on their applicability and computational cost