Rank list format for SHREC 2016 - 3D Sketch-Based 3D Shape Retrieval

The participants should submit one separate rank list file for each 3D sketch in the query set. The file must be an ASCII file; the filename should be the same as the query model and does not contain any file extension.

Each line of the file should contain a sketch-model distance in the order of increasing dissimilarity and the index number of a retrieved target model. The distance and the name should be separated by white space.

For the track "3D Sketch-Based 3D Shape Retrieval", there are 300 hand-drawn query 3D sketches, so the participants should submit 300 separate rank-list files in the required format. The files should be collected in a single archive file and the name of the archive file should indicate the retrieval method. The archive file should be sent via e-mail li.bo.ntu0@gmail.com. If the participants have more than one method, they should submit an archive file per method containing the 300 rank-list files (the filename should indicate the method).

An example rank list file can be downloaded here: 1

Example rank list format for the query sketch 1.off:
The filename of the rank list should be 1 with no file extension.
The content of the rank list should be as follows:

0.005469375967079 1288
0.006828792688283 107
0.007723170670915 603
0.007867012450605 434
0.009582878625341 14
0.009606387932647 814
0.010001944429630 1125
0.010065110202301 815
0.010174777785191 103
0.010570069229078 1032
0.010597355637337 1155

Example archive file for the method X should have a name method_X.zip or method_X.rar. The file should contain 300 rank lists of the query sketches.