Grace Adams

Texas State University

Undergraduate Research Student

Department of Computer Science Efficient Computing Laboratory LinkedIn Profile

Contact Information:

Texas State

Brief Bio:

I am a Computer Science Major and Applied Mathematics Minor, with specific interests in Artificial Intelligence, Efficient Computing, Natural Language Processing, and Data Mining. I have earned an Associates of Science in Mathematics from Austin Community College and a Certificate in Mandarin Chinese from the Defense Language Institute. I am a United States Air Force Veteran, a Wife, and a Mother.

Research Area:

- Fast Steiner-tree heuristics

Classes in Progress:

CS 4315: Intro to Data Mining
CS 4347: Intro to Machine Learning
CS 4395: Independent Study
MATH 4350: Combinatorics

Classes Completed at Texas State:

CS 3354: Object Oriented Design and Programming
CS 3358: Data Structures and Algorithms
CS 2315: Computer Ethics
CS 3339: Computer Architecture
MATH 3398: Discrete Math II
CS 3398: Software Engineering
CS 4328: Operating Systems
CS 4346: Artificial Intelligence
CS 4380: Parallel Programming
MATH 3305: Intro to Probability and Statistics
MATH 3377: Linear Algebra