Mina S. Guirguis


Computer Science Department
College of Science and Engineering
Texas State University

Email msg AT txstate DOT edu
Phone/Fax 512-245-6384/(8750)
Office Comal Building, office #307D.1
Address 601 University Drive,
San Marcos, TX 78666


Current Students:

  • Javad Koushyar

Former Students:

  • Alireza Tahsini (graduated July'19 -- Paycom)
  • Noah Dunstatter (graduated May'19 -- SwRI)
  • Darryl Balderas (graduated May'17 -- IBM)
  • Terry Penner (graduated May'16 -- IBM)
  • Lavanya Tammineni
  • Janiece Kelly (graduated Dec'14 -- GM)
  • Vu Nguyen (graduated Dec'14 -- GM)
  • Michael Ruth (Summer'13 REU student - University of Buffalo)
  • Brandon Van Slyke (graduated May'14 -- IBM)
  • Seth Richter (Summer'12 REU student - LeTourneau University)
  • Agustin Rivera (graduated December'13 -- General Motors)
  • Sheryl Rosenthal (Summer'14 REU student - Texas State)
  • Trevor Hans (graduated May'13 -- UT Applied Research Laboratories)
  • Daniel Haller (Summer'14 REU student - University of Maryland College Park)
  • Alison Johnson (Summer'13 REU student - Texas State)
  • David Reynolds (graduated Dec'12 -- Microsoft)
  • Emad Guirguis (graduated May'12 -- Intel)
  • William Johnson
  • Nikhil Halkude
  • Hether Hinze (Summer'13 REU student - Texas State)
  • Joseph Valdez
  • Bassam El Lababedi
  • Charles Tewksbury
  • Christopher Page
  • Christian McArthur
  • Jason Valdez
  • Hideo Goto
  • Joshua Tharp

Former Masters Students (Advisees):

  • Alireza Tahsini, M.S., CS Dept., Texas State University, “BLOC: A Game Theoretic Approach to Orchestrate CPS Against Cyber Attacks”, July 2019.
  • Noah Dunstatter, M.S., CS Dept., Texas State University, “Solving Cyber Alert Allocation Markov Games with Deep Reinforcement Learning”, July 2019.
  • Terry Penner, M.S., CS Dept., Texas State University, “Bandits in the Cloud: A Moving Target Defense Against Multi-Armed Bandit Attack Policies”, May 2016.
  • Lavanya Tammineni, M.S., CS Dept., Texas State University, “Local Overlay-based Mobile Clouds”, Dec 2015.
  • Janiece Kelly, M.S., CS Dept., Texas State University, “Effect of an Interloper Attack on Dynamic Channel Assignment”, Dec 2014.
  • Trevor Hanz, M.S., CS Dept., Texas State University, “An Abstraction Layer for Controlling Heterogeneous Mobile Cyber-Physical Systems”, May 2013.
  • Emad Guirguis, M.S., CS Dept., Texas State University, “On the Effect of Jamming Attacks on Cyber-Physical Systems with the Focus on Target Tracking Applications”, December 2011.
  • Jason Valdez, M.S., CS Dept., Texas State University, “Providing Soft Quality of Service via TCP Congestion Signal Delegation on Aggregated Flows”, May 2008.


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