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Dr. Evgeniy Abdulin - postdoctoral researcher

Dr. Alex Karpov - postdoctoral researcher

Dr. Ioannis Rigas - postdoctoral researcher

Dr. Lee Friedman - postdoctoral researcher

Irma Vasquez - minority undergraduate research student

Dillon Lohr - undergraduate research student


Corey Holland - Software Engineer at Cisco Systems

Christina Heinich - currently Software Engineering Pathways Intern at NASA Langley Research Center NASA

Elena Kurtova - currently Java System Developer at Accenture

Nadia Dowla - currently Component Design EngineerĀ atĀ Intel

Joseph Moorman - currently Systems Software Developer at The Reynolds and Reynolds Company

Ryan Pawlak - currently Process Integration Engineer at Samsung Austin Semiconductor

Jayarathna, Ukwatta - currently Ph.D. student at A&M University, College Station

Sandeep Gowda - currently UI/UX designer at Sisco

Koh, Doh Hyong  - currently Ph.D. student at Northeasternt University, Boston

Jose, Camou - currently Ph.D. student at Iowa State University

Jacob Liberman - currently Principal Software Engineer at Cloud Computing

Mahmoud Mechehoul - currently Software Development Engineer II at Amazon

Clark Phillips - currently Senior Software Engineer at Oracle