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Compilers Research Lab (CRL)

CRL is engaged in tackling a range of research problems in the broad area of high-performance computing. Our current research focuses on building machine-learning compilers and runtime systems for improving programmer productivity, application performance and energy efficiency on increasingly heterogeneous HPC architectures. More info at the CRL website.

CS Education

I am deeply committed to BPC. My educational research activities aim to develop pedagogical tools and techniques that (i) enable easier integration of emerging topics into the computer science curriculum (ii) make make concepts more accessible to non-majors and (iii) increase the participation of underrepresented groups in computing and improve their retention and success. Some of the projects I have led or have been involved with are listed below.


Apan Qasem
Department of Computer Science
Texas State University
601 University Dr
San Marcos, TX 78666

Office: Comal 307D.2
Phone: (512) 245-0347
E-mail: apan "AT" txstate · edu