Parallel Programing

I took parallel programing as an elective and continued that learning via a undergraduate research postion.

Computer Architecture

After taking computer architecture I wanted to know more and ended up starting a student group that turned into a indpendent study where we designed a basic 5 stage chip.


After being exposed to the wonders of the Linux OS in school I soon took on personal projects for my own growth and development as a computer scientist.

My Story

I begin my journey in Lockhart Texas where I was soon introduced to computers at a young age. I was always doing small projects with computers even before I took any offical classes. I continued this learning with taking Pre-AP Computer Programming classes in High School. From that point I knew that I enjoyed Computer Science and Engineering. Which is why I pursued a bachelors in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Texas State University. While in College I took on as many different learning opportunities as I could, some of these included class activities, job experiences, and personal projects.

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Skill Sets

Here are some of my skills

Performence Computing

Performance computing gives many different benifts such as faster results, ability to solve larger problems, enrgy reduction, and many other. I have spent that last few years learning about different technquies and tools aviable.

Chip Design & Implementation

My curiousity led me to learn about Chip Design in computer archietecture . After the class I extended my learning with designing a chip myself, which soon lead to others getting involved.

Cross Platform Development

With Modern tools cross platform development is becoming easier to do. I have began to explore differnt tools and technieques to become more effiecent.


Everything from helper files, presentation files, project files, resumes, and cover letters

Computer Languages

Here are some of the computer programing languages that I am familiar with.