Course Syllabus

Course Name: Practical game development
Course Number: CS 4381/5369M
Building & Room:  McCoy 224 and Avery 319 (?)

Meeting times: Mo-Th 6:00pm to 8:05pm

Instructor's Name: Rodion Podorozhny
Office Location: Rm 307E, Comal
Office Phone: (512) 245-8472
Email address:
Web address:

Office Hours: Zoom by arrangement

Required Textbook:  

"Programming Game AI by Example " by Mat Buckland, ISBN 1-55622-078-2

Optional Reference Textbooks:

"AI techniques for game programming " by Mat Buckland, 2002, ISBN 1-931841-08-X, Premier Press

Course Description:  

Prerequisites: Grade of C or better in CS 3358


Final overview

Midterm overview


GIT immersion

jMonkey plugin

jMonkey SDK

JME tutorials

Killer Games in Java

Gaming companies in Austin

Chapter about Evolving Neural Networks

Evolving Neural Networks AI source code

Game AI source code

Game AI exe files

Game Engines

Boost 1.32.0 C++ library used by Game AI examples

Attendance Policy: If you have to miss class for any reason, you will still be responsible for material covered in your absence.

IMPORTANT: Check the Texas State Web Site for class drop information!!!

A : 90 – 100
B : 80 – 89
C : 70 – 79
D : 60 – 69
F : below 60

Grade Components:

Project                 40%

Homework 1        10%

Homework 2        10%

Midterm               20%

Final                     20%