Research interests

The main theme of my research is knowledge discovery via AI and database technologies. This can be intelligent integration of data from different sources for efficient provisioning of services and scalable integration of sensor data from different devices (IoT) for health monitoring. The main topics center around internet of things, smart health, scientific workflows, databases, service computing, software engineering and agent technologies.

Current Research Projects

Past Research Projects

Other research interests

My secondary research goal is to provide technique and model for accurate and rapid retrieval of multimedia data (MDB). Information processing has shifted from textual data to include still images, video and audio data. This requires substantial changes in the way we build and manage databases. The list of issues that I am investigating are:
  • Reasoning and modelling of multimedia data
  • Unified indexing scheme to support fast retrieval of of multimedia data
  • Querying moving objects in multimedia database

Papers Presented at Professional Meetings since 2010

  • Ngu, A., "Experimental and Analysis of Ensemble Deep Learning for Fall Detection" International Workshop on Very Large Internet of Things (VLIoT 2019) in conjunction with the VLDB Conference in Los Angeles, California.
  • Ngu, A. Tseng P., M. Paliawl P., Carpenter C., and Stipe W., "Smartwtach-based IoT Fall Detection Application" International Workshop on Very Large Internet of Things (VLIoT 2018) in conjunction with the VLDB Conference in Rio de Janerio, Brazil.
  • Ngu, A., "Fall Detection using Smartwatch Sensor Data with Accessor Architecture," International Conference on Smart Health (ICSH 2017), Hong Kong City University, Hong Kong, China. (June 2017).
  • Ngu, A., "Social-PPM: Personal Experience Sharing and Recommendation," The Second IEEE International Conference on Collaboration and Internet Computing, Pittsburg, Pittsburg, United States. (November 2016).
  • Noor, T., Sheng, q., Alfazi, A., Law, J., Ngu, A., "A Crawler Engine for Cloud Services Discovery on the World Wide Web," IEEE International Conference on Web Services (ICWS2013), Santa Clara, CA, United States. (2013).
  • Noor, T., Sheng, Q., Ngu, A., ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM 2013), "Cloud Armor: A Platform for Credibility-Based Trust Management of Cloud Services," ACM. (2013).
  • Ngu, A., Chin, G., Critchlow, T., Ninth Biennial Ptolemy Mini-conference, "Context-Aware Actors," Berkeley, CA, United States. (February 2011).
  • Hoang, D. T., Paik, H. Y., Ngu, A., International Conference on Service Oriented Computing (ICSOC10),, "Spreadsheet as a Generic Purpose Mashup Development Environment," San Francisco, CA, United States. (December 2010).

Invited Lectures or Presentations since 2010

  • Ngu, A., "Ensemble Deep Learning for Fall Detection", UT Dell Medical School, Austin, Texas, 2019.
  • Ngu, A., "Overview of the Computer Science PhD Program," presented to vistors from China Petroleumn University, Computer Science, Comal Building Rm 212. ( September 2019).
  • Ngu, A., "Overview of the Computer Science PhD Program," Computer Science, Comal Building Rm 212. (December 2017).
  • Ngu, A., "Computer Science Program Presentation to MGO," University Advancement Monthly MGO Meeting, JCK. (September 2017).
  • Ngu, A., "Overview of the Computer Science PhD Proposal," Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Team Visit, Computer Science Department. (February 2017).
  • Ngu, A., "Multidisciplinary Research Experience for Undergraduates in Internet of Things (poster)," NSF Pan-REU Workshop, Holiday Inn, Washington D.C., United States. (April 2016).
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