My Students Page


Shuan Coyne, "Continuous Personalized Fall Detection and Data Collection" , Graduated on May 2020 , working for Southwest Research Institute (SWRI).

Jesuloluwa Eyitayo, "Evaluation of Cordova Accessor Host For Rapid Development of IoT Applications on Mobile Edge Devices" , Graduated on May 2020, works for Intel.

Vimal Moorthy Krishnamoorthy, "Implementation and Evaluation of an Android Accessor-based IoT Middleware" Graduated on August, 2017, now study PhD at Texas A & M, College Station , Texas.

Clark Phillips, ``Employing a Scalable Implementation of the Cost Sensitive Alternating Decision Tree Algorithm to Efficiently Link Person Records" , Graduated on May 2015.

Seth R. Orell Jr., ``Semantic News Analysis and Prediction" , Graduated on August 2011.

Michael Pierre Carlson, ``Experimental Study on the use of Semantic Web Concepts for Matching and Assembling Rich Client Composite Applications" , Graduated on May 2008.

Jialie Shen, ``Advanced Query Processing on Large Multimedia Databases'', Graduated in 2006, now works as a faculty at Singapore Management University .

ZhiTong Zhao, ``Dynamic Web Service Inovaction" , Graduated on December 2005.

Huibo Ma, ``Specification Based Firewall Testing'', Formally graduated on May 2004.

Yutu Liu, ``QoS Computation and Policing in Dynamic Web Service Selection'', Graduated in December 2003.

Liang Zhao Zeng, ``Dynamic Web Service Composition'', Graduated in June 2003, now works as Principle Data Scientist at Apple.

Uma Srinivasan... ``A Framework for Conceptual Integration of Heterigeneous Databases'' Graduated in April 1997 , now works as a consultant.

Mohammad Nabil, ``Modelling and Retrieving Multimedia Data Using Spatial and Temporal Information'', ....Thesis in postscript ... Graduated in April 1998, now works as a faculty in Brunei University

Bangchong Harangsari, ``Query size estimation in databases'', Graduated in November 1998, now works as a research scientist in Thailand

Rong Lei, ''Dimension Reduction in Multimedia Data for efficient indexing'', Graduated in November 1997, now works in Sydney, Australia ...Thesis in postscript

Banchong Harangsari, ``Data Allocation on Distributed Database Systems '', Graduated in December 1993.

Kang Hyuk Lee, ``Experimentation on Maximal Sub-queries for Heterogeneous Query Optimization", Graduated in December 1993.

Independent Study Reports

Keshav Bhandari, Experimental Study of forecasting of fall using RNN and sumulated data

Priyanka Srinivas, "Feasibility Study on Fall Detection on a Single Device", Graduating in December 2020.

Po-Teng Tseng, "Fall Detection with Naive Bayes", Graduated in December 2017.

Manvick Paliwal "Fall Detection:From Phone to Cloud", Graduated in May 2019.