Presentations from REUIOT 2014

  1. Identifying and Investigating the Feasibility of Cross-domain Authorship Analysis

  2. IOT Initial Study on Robot Application: 3D Model Retrieval Uisng 3D Sketches

  3. Flexible Internet of Things Middleware

  4. Recommendation System for Social-aware Personal Processes
  5. A Study of Trade-off Between Communication Cost and Accuracy of Trajectory Estimation in Distributed SLAM

  6. Evaluation of an Evolving Neural Networks Algorithm Applied to Technical Object Control

  7. On the Information Overload Problem

Presentations from REUIOT 2015

  1. Using Smartwatch Sensor Data to Predict Drunkenness

  2. Context Aware Accessor

  3. Web-based Computerized Assessment of Speech Pathology Disorders

  4. The COCO Conjecture and its Application in Clustering

  5. Automated Detection of Sleep Disorder-related Events from Polysomnographic Data

  6. Evaluation of Distributed Reasoning for Cyber-Physical Systems

  7. Change Impact Analysis for Adroid Applications

Presentations from REUIOT 2016

  1. Smartwatch based Fall Detection with the Accessor Design Pattern

  2. Applications of Network Analysis on Melanoma Prognosis

  3. Exploring IOT Applications in High School

  4. Exploring KNN Clustering

  5. Amazon Picking Challenge

  6. Classification of Emotional Arousal During Music Listening, Video Watching, and Gaming